February 13, 2016

Las Vegas. January, 2004?

Every first week of January, the Consumer Electronics Show used to descend upon Las Vegas and sometimes I, as an employee of the most respected name in sound, would get to attend. Aside from seeing all the new gadgets and gizmos, CES was known for its abundance of giveaways (T-shirts, pens, etc.) that we'd bring back to Bose and distribute to our colleagues. What I found most amusing about the whole circus though was that the Adult Entertainment Industry would have its convention at the same time. It was fun trying to determine which people were in town for which trade show. Here's a photo that my colleague Kim snapped at the entrance to one of the many CES exhibit halls. Which trade show, do you think, brought those two ladies to Vegas. Tough call. (Click here to see another photo by Kim, this one of Dr. Blake.)

February 12, 2016

Boston. September, 1982

Several years ago, my friend John and I were in a band. Kidding. This is a doctored photo taken (and doctored) our friend David. We'd taped up a big roll of seamless paper in John's Beacon Hill apartment, assembled a number of friends, a number of props and outfits, and had a "fashion shoot." Well, sort of. (Click here for another shot from that same shoot.)

February 11, 2016

Oregon Beach, Cotuit, MA. April, 2013

Frequent readers of SLS know that I love jumping pictures. I love taking them. I love being in them. Here is my absolute favorite jumping picture of all time. It shows my friend Floyd jumping after having told his partner Rob exactly how and when to take the picture. They both succeeded beautifully, don't you think? There's something very X-Files about this picture, which may be one reason I'm so drawn to it.

February 10, 2016

Los Angeles. Late 1980s

This photo of my friends Vincent Price and his wife Coral Browne was taken by Helmut Newton. I like it because it shows Vincent, whom most know only as a horror-film actor, joking around with his glasses. And because it shows Coral adhering to the strict rule that every Hollywood actor knows: Find your best angle and always show it to the camera.

February 9, 2016

Somewhere in MA. Sometime around 2008

Meet my friend Tong, a talented graphic designer and photographer with whom I had the pleasure of working at Bose for a few years. Tong is from Thailand and has recently given up his Massachusetts residence to return to his ancestral home. A sweet guy who is missed by all of us Bose-os, present and former. From time to time, Tong liked to come off as a tough guy with attitude, as evidenced by this photo taken by who-knows-whom.

February 8, 2016

Framingham, MA. November, 2002

This week, I'm posting photos taken by others that I happen to like. Both the photos and (mostly) the others. Here's one that a colleague took of me for a departmental employee "map" when I worked at Bose, the most respected name in sound (alleged.) What do you think? Smirky McSmirk? A lifetime of studying photos of aging authors on book jackets had prepared me for the "casual hand masking sagging chin" trick.

February 7, 2016

Palermo. October, 2015

These machines in Sicily's largest port may have been speaking the lost language of cranes, but it sure sounded like Italian to us.