April 18, 2014

Istanbul. October, 2011

Crossing the Bosphorus from the European to the Asian side of the city on a commuter ferry, these young Turks seem blissfully unaware of the monster cruise ship, one of many, making its way down the storied waterway into the Sea of Marmara and on into the Aegean. 

April 17, 2014

Tucson. April, 2013

One of the great pleasures of each of my Tucson visits is to see what my friend Simon is up to with his public-art projects. For his current one, he and his creative partner Ben have come up with a poetry-based enhancement for the stops along the city’s new trolley system. Shelters will feature electronic displays that spell out poems by locals. And at the head of the line, this head, fashioned by thousands of Ben’s welded-together stainless-steel letters, that will “speak” a stream of more letters up into the back of one of the electronic displays. I can’t wait to see the final results of this work I had the pleasure of seeing in progress.

April 16, 2014

Tucson. April, 2013

Downtown Tucson always seems be undergoing some kind of revitalization. But none more so than the one I witnessed on my most recent trip. New clubs, new restaurants, huge new buildings to house students, lofts, you name it. The streets downtown are all torn up to install tracks for the new trolley system that will connect the city’s far-flung neighborhoods, so driving is, well, a challenge. Fortunately, I love to walk. And one reason is because I find remembrances of Tucson’s past like this sidewalk entrance to a store long gone. Or was it a residence?

April 15, 2014

Tucson. April, 2013

My friends Simon (right) and David, flanking my friend Gwen, neighbors in Tucson. Gwen has been buying up inexpensive properties for years, fixing them up little by little, renting or living in them. Seen here, her latest acquisition, a geodesic dome out in the desert. With a diameter of 24 feet, it’s her latest challenge to carve out a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft for guests. But she’s up to it.

April 14, 2014

Tucson. April, 2013

In loving memory of Abby Martinez. Memorials like this are not uncommon in Tucson. But this is the first I’d ever seen along my running route that follows the dry Santa Cruz riverbed. What happened, I wonder, to Abby Martinez at this peaceful spot? Or could it have been a favorite place of the deceased, now honored with this santa cruz?

April 13, 2014

Tucson. April, 2013

In a town as sunny as Tucson, even a little shade is welcome. Seen here, some lacy enhancements that speckle the sidewalks on this bridge-in-progress over the Santa Cruz dry riverbed.

April 12, 2014

Tucson. April, 2013

[Dr. Blake tells me he's tired of Tucson entries. Too bad. We're in beautiful Tucson for another week. Besides, how could anyone be tired of Tucson?] Thousands of people escape more bloom-filled parts of the country and head to the desert in a vainglorious attempt to avoid pollen, allergies. And waiting there to greet them, the palo verde, in bloom and fully loaded on just about every block. Or, in this case, along the dry Santa Cruz riverbed which serves as my early-morning Tucson running route before it gets too hot. Or too pollenated.